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  • What We Do

    Mountain View Solar is a renewable energy solutions provider serving the mid-Atlantic region since 2009. Our products and services are designed to provide robust, reliable power utilizing the energy generated from the sun for Residential, Agricultural and Commercial-scale applications.


    Discover what going solar can mean for your home. Lower or even eliminate your electric bill entirely! The time is perfect for solar with numerous incentives available.


    As a growing number of businesses are finding out, the time is right for commercial solar electricity. Solar will help offset peak demand loads during the day, adding directly to your bottom line.


    You can be prepared! Mountain View Solar installs battery backup systems, generators, solar power for well pumps and more! We can even take you off-grid entirely.

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Recent Posts

  • 13.5kW rooftop array in Washington County, Maryland

    This 13.5kW array located in Washington County, MD consists of 50 SolarWorld 270w American-Made solar modules on multiple surfaces.  They are coupled to enPhase micro-inverters allowing each module to perform optimally.

    By Cevyn | August 29, 2015

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  • No Roof Space? We can put solar on the ground instead.

    If you don’t have room on your roof, or it’s not oriented south, or is highly shaded, you can still have solar! This freshly completed 12 panel ground mount array will supply power for a small off-grid system in West Virginia, consisting of an Outback Radian inverter, Outback charge controller and Unigy II battery bank.

    By Cevyn | August 27, 2015

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  • Install of the day!

    This grid-tie system uses a pair of SolarEdge inverters and 48 SolarWorld 285w modules to deliver 13.68kW of power.

    By Cevyn | August 26, 2015

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